Pop Art Dinner

24/01/2019 19:30

We prepared a culinary experience inspired by Andy Warhol and his guests. The guests were part of the performance, learning how to prepare American traditional dishes, reinterpreted by Chef Daniel Wendorf and then enjoying them in a 60s capsule.

It is well known that Andy Warhol had an interest in Americana, especially in American food, which was depicted in many of his works.The hamburger in particular was a recurrent motif. In a 1977 interview for the magazine High Times Warhol responded to the question, ‘What do you like to eat?’ with the remark, ‘Just plain food. Plain American food’. His personal addiction to hamburgers and sandwiches allowed him to identify as American.

Chef Daniel Wendorf let himself challenged for the occasion and imagined a sandwich centric contemporary menu, divided by a gin tonic sorbet, as it s customary for degustation menus, in order to clear your palate during a meal.

Limited seats. Please book your ticket until the 22nd of January.

 *All the necessary ingredients and instruments for cooking and dinner will be provided by us. Just bring your joyful self.

 You will receive the address once you made the booking.