People & Stories

by rosumovi

Blueprints of intimate discussions about art, politics, lifestyle with inspiring people from our close knitted community.

Laura Dobrescu

Jul 11, 2018

We sat down with psychologist and psychoanalyst Laura Dobrescu to talk about modern love, the roots of creativity and artificial intelligence, among others. Below you can read the remains of a fruitful afternoon conversation:

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Aida Economu

Mar 02, 2018

Born at the seaside, this young independent actress is a lover of beauty and a nostalgic presence. Aida Economu’s most striking role though is played off-stage and behind the cameras, in her day-to-day life. The set recalls an endless summer, the soundtrack is a selection of old Italian love songs and the costumes are couture mixed with vintage finds. Today we ask Aida more about “The Script”. 

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Bogdan Trandafir

Nov 13, 2017

Did you ever meet a surgeon who had asked you: Do you think there is anything beyond truth? We introduce you to Bogdan Trandafir, a young surgeon, preoccupied with the fabric of the Romanian society, an amateur cook specialised in brownies with a great appetite for theatre and books.

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Liubov Belousova

Sep 13, 2017

International art advisor in modern and contemporary art, founder of Boccara Art Galleries, with more than 13 years of experience in the art world in NY, Liubov Belousova moved to the south of France in 2014 and planned to branch to Monaco.I met Liubov three years ago, in Monte Carlo, at the opening dinner party for the Tennis Tournament. We had some friends in common and we both shared the enthusiasm for our work.

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Oana Lohan

Aug 27, 2017

Oana Lohan uses ink, paper, cameras and words to tell stories. She rides a black bike with enormous sidepockets and is always bubbly and brimming with anecdotes. Oana was one of the first persons to hear the story of Rosumovi, at the time when it was just an idea in its infant stages, overly debated over wine from the silky sofas of a Bucharest apartment. We are now at a sun-soaked side street cafe in bustling Marais, she has just parked her bike and is welcoming us with the most blatant naturalness.

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Jean Sebastien Fiorucci

Aug 22, 2017

Jean Sebastien Fiorucci is an entrepreneur, former director of Cabinet du President du Parlement du Monaco,  Advisor of the Ministry of Finance and Economy in Monaco. He is also a man of principles, a warm and elegant presence, who avidly supports the arts and is passionate about history.

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