Once Upon a Star

02/09/2018 19:00

We were delighted to unveil a new splendid location, the manor house of Udriste Nasturel where guests marvelled at the ethereal large scale installation by Romanian contemporary artist Martin Balint, commissioned by Rosumovi. 

Polymorphic Densities or How to Calculate the Precise Distance Between the Milky Way and a Cotton Roll is the artist's invitation to a poetic dive and the temporary abandon of rationality.

Afterwards, guests enjoyed the bespoke botanical cocktails created together with Cointreau and The Botanist under the century old oaks and danced on the upbeat rhythms set-up to smooth their take-off towards greater heights- a hybrid combination between nostalgia and new emotions.

Open Bar

Dresscode: Cosmic Attire

Sunday, September 2nd, 7PM
Stone House Udrişte Năsturel, Herasti

Photos: Andrei Vintila