Nesomn: Contemporary Dance Performance by Linotip x Rosumovi

01/11/2018 20:00

On November 1st, Rosumovi invited its members Nesomn, an event organized in collaboration with Linotip, the newest independent space dedicated to contemporary dance in Bucharest. Since Rosumovi stands for supporting young artists, we admire this brave initiative, a collective effort to reclaim the complicated past of Romanian contemporary dance and take it towards new heights.

"We are tireless forms of dreams, we envision, we generate dreams, we live them for ourselves, as well as for the others. Dreams are the multitude of dimensions we belong to. They’re past lives, forms we inhabited, they’re never-ending" Arcadie Rusu

November 1st, 20:00, Linotip (Str. Ion Brezoianu Nr. 23-25, Corp B, Et 1)

Concept, Coreography - Arcadie Rusu
Cast: Ioana Marchidan, Diana Spiridon, Anda Stoian, Briana Stanciu, Stefan Lupu, Arcadie Rusu.
Light Design: Hermina Stanciulescu
Sound design: Alexandru Suciu