Fellini: A Cinematic Dinner

05/04/2019 19:30

Food was very important for Fellini in both his films and on the set. From the Ancient Romans’ feast in Satyricon to his own family’s simple cooking in Amarcord, Fellini’s films employ the act of eating and drinking to draw the often bizarre storyline. The meals behind the silver screen also contained only good food that was fully prepared and seasoned by his team of expert caterers. Our next event is heavily inspired by the dreamlike worlds of Fellini. Expect an oneiric setup that will transport you on the sets of this iconic filmmaker.

Do as Fellini did and let yourself spoiled with an Italian feast to be prepared and enjoyed together with Chef Daniel Wendorf, founder of Artisan Cooking Classes. The tips & tricks you will be taught will also come in handy for your future alfresco dinner with friends.

Chef Daniel Wendorf has more than 20 years of experience working for restaurants in Hamburg, St Moritz and Bucharest. In 2008, he was invited to Romania to help develop the concept of Mandragora. He was supposed to stay just for a while, but he fell in love with Romania and founded Artisan Cooking Classes, which he still runs today.



Raw Marinated Sardines | Black Inked Spaghetti | Wild Garlic Salsa

Sea Food | Saffron Risotto

Cannoli | Lemon Mousse | Grapefruit-Aperol Sorbet


*Wine included

Federico Fellini: A Cinematic Dinner

Limited seats

April 5th, from 7.30 PM

36, Putul lui Zamfir, 3rd floor