High Tea Society

Mar 22, 2018

High Tea Society, hosted at the Spayer Palace, transported our guests to an era of imperial extravaganza, inspired by the tsarist nostalgia and Russian literature most famous characters. The guests were served a menu inspired by the Russian tea ceremony, with salmon and red caviar as center pieces, topped with glasses of champagne to get them into a mingling mood. They also enjoyed the performance of Romanian ballerina Ana Bodea, a member of the prestigious

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Rosumovi Launch Party

Nov 15, 2017

On November 25th, we dared Rosumovi members to question their social ties and spice up to their conversation kit. The glamorous Rosumovi launch party was set in a lavishly decorated interior, the ground floor of Palais Ghica Victoria, adorned with Beauty-and-the-Beast-go-to-outer-space inspired flower arrangements that tickled the senses of our guests. The attendees, a mix of investors, doctors and media gliteratti with an appetite for arts and beauty in general, were in for a surprise: a mysterious ‘illusionist’, appeared out of nowhere, would intrigue them with bold questions meant to raise doubts regarding the balance between small talk and subjects that truly matter in social circles. He humorously started asking who owns pieces of monogrammed attire, only to finish with a deep, dreamy conversation with Siri. The performance was intended to present in a metaphorical and intriguing way some of our beliefs, which were printed in the form of a manifesto and handed to the guests at the entrance, together with flavourful cocktails. 

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Soft Opening /Garden Party

Aug 30, 2017

Set up in the lush garden of a private villa built in the 30s, in Bucharest, the soft opening of Rosumovi brought together a select circle, tastemakers and investors, future members of Rosumovi club. The event served as a preview for the series of elegant events to come. Guests gathered around the candle lit round table enjoyed the gourmet canapé and engaged in conversations about travel, art, lifestyle.This was the perfect mise en scène for the launching of Rosumovi’s first limited collection of shawls, silky blueprints of a dream Japanese summer, embellished with custom prints of dragonflies and eucalyptus leaves.  

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