Guided tour at MARe, the newest museum in town

Nov 15, 2018

Since in November Rosumovi turned 1 year old, we celebrated with a suite of 3 events. We started at the beginning of the month with a contemporary dance show by Linotip and end up in style with a smashing party.   

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Nesomn: Contemporary Dance Performance by Linotip x Rosumovi

Nov 01, 2018

On November 1st, Rosumovi invited its members Nesomn, an event organized in collaboration with Linotip, the newest independent space dedicated to contemporary dance in Bucharest. Since Rosumovi stands for supporting young artists, we admire this brave initiative, a collective effort to reclaim the complicated past of Romanian contemporary dance and take it towards new heights.

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A Serious Affair: Voice Opera Show

Oct 03, 2018

We're only operating according to the season, so we decided it's time to give our guests the chills. On October 3rd, from 7 PM members attended a voice opera show which includes a varied selection of arias from the Italian and French repertoire. 

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Once Upon a Star

Sep 02, 2018

We were delighted to unveil a new splendid location, the manor house of Udriste Nasturel where guests marvelled at the ethereal large scale installation by Romanian contemporary artist Martin Balint, commissioned by Rosumovi. 

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In Doi

May 08, 2018

In Doi, a theatre play by unclassifiable Matei Visniec, one of the greatest Romanian playwrights, was hosted in an unusual space, the mid century modern showroom of Retros. The whole play follows the thread of tenderness, not as an escape from reality, but understood as a form resistance. It was directed by Alex Nagy, with Aida Economu and Dani Ionescu casted in the roles of the crumbling couple and video art by Cinty Ionescu. The play was preceded by a networking moment, over prosecco.

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Rosumovi Social Experiment

Apr 24, 2018

Rosumovi Social Experiment, held at Entrance Store was an exhibition about social decay and the aftermath of an eventual burst of the social media bubble that presented the works of Andrei Lacatus, an artist who operates in the realm of 3d digital manipulation and who recently enjoyed great media coverage, appearing on Fubiz, Designboom and other influential media platforms. In order to enhance the impact of such questions regarding a post social media society, guests were asked to  abandon their phones at the entrance. They received them back at their departure, together with some urban lyrics to ponder upon.

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Bucharest Fashion Film Festival

Apr 14, 2018

Rosumovi invites you to the opening of the second edition of Bucharest Fashion Film Festival. We Margiela tells "the untold and intimate story" of iconic avant-garde designer Martin Margiela, one of the most enigmatic figures of the fashion industry, who was even dubbed "fashion's invisible man", owing to his extreme elusiveness. 

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High Tea Society

Mar 22, 2018

High Tea Society, hosted at the Spayer Palace, transported our guests to an era of imperial extravaganza, inspired by the tsarist nostalgia and Russian literature most famous characters. The guests were served a menu inspired by the Russian tea ceremony, with salmon and red caviar as center pieces, topped with glasses of champagne to get them into a mingling mood. They also enjoyed the performance of Romanian ballerina Ana Bodea, a member of the prestigious

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