Fellini: A Cinematic Dinner

Apr 05, 2019

Food was very important for Fellini in both his films and on the set. From the Ancient Romans’ feast in Satyricon to his own family’s simple cooking in Amarcord, Fellini’s films employ the act of eating and drinking to draw the often bizarre storyline. The meals behind the silver screen also contained only good food that was fully prepared and seasoned by his team of expert caterers. Our next event is heavily inspired by the dreamlike worlds of Fellini. Expect an oneiric setup that will transport you on the sets of this iconic filmmaker.

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Carte Blanche

Mar 19, 2019

We believe in the artist's unlimited power to act, so on March 19th, we gave actor, choreographer and director Stefan Lupu Carte Blanche. He performed an act based on the concept of the neodimensional actor, in an unaltered habitat, on display for the public.

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Love is Blind

Feb 22, 2019

We think love is blind but blindness can be beyond ravishing if put in the right context. We set up to offer our guests an experience that engaged all of the senses, including those slightly neglected.

To make this happen the guests wore a blindfold, that enhanced the experiences prepared for them: enchanting their ears, delighting their taste buds and enveloping them into plentiful of flavours. The mystery has been gradually revealed, as they were guided through an emotional carousel. 

On February 21st, at 7.30 PM sharp, the guests were expected at the main entrance of Universul Palace, from where they were led towards a night of mystery and lavishness. 

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Pop Art Dinner

Jan 24, 2019

We prepared a culinary experience inspired by Andy Warhol and his guests. The guests were part of the performance, learning how to prepare American traditional dishes, reinterpreted by Chef Daniel Wendorf and then enjoying them in a 60s capsule.

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Moon Landing Rosumovi Party

Nov 29, 2018

In November 2018 we celebrated 1 year of Rosumovi. It's been a rocky road, but we are now convinced discovering uncharted territories is our favourite thing to do.
On Thrursday, November 29th, we made a toast for our lunar landing! We were joined by British jazz singer Kitty La Roar and her companions, who added a drop of quirkiness infused glamour to the mix. Afterwards, we danced our way to the end of a marvelous year on upbeat rhythms and and drank for the many more dreamlike events to come. 

Thursday, November 29th, from 8 PM on the last floor of the building at 2, Campineanu  

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