Carte Blanche

19/03/2019 20:00

We believe in the artist's unlimited power to act, so on March 19th, we are giving actor, choreographer and director Stefan Lupu Carte Blanche. He will perform an act based on the concept of the neodimensional actor, in an unaltered habitat, on display for the public.

Stefan Lupus’s performance is reminiscent of butoh dance, originally a form of Japanese dance theatre which explored taboo topics, extreme or absurd environments, and was traditionally performed in white body makeup. However, with time various butoh groups developed, with their specific aesthetic ideals and intentions. Butoh means "dance of darkness", and the form was built on a vocabulary of raw physical gestures- a direct assault on the refinement and understatement so valued in Japanese aesthetics. As a neodimensional actor, a concept explored in his PHD thesis, Stefan Lupu created a poetic and surreal choreographic language in which he incorporated a ’drip and splash’ painting style that is based on a physical act and in direct relation to the artist’s emotions, expression and mood.

After the performance, let’s stay for a cosy chat over drinks from our pop up bar. Our DJ, Jim will make sure to swoon you with groovy rhythms.

March 19th at Halucinarium - Triaj Creativ, Calea Giulesti nr 14, etaj 4 from 8 PM

Dress Code: Shades of White